Monday, August 18, 2008

Twitter and World Simulation

Welcome to part three of this month’s four-part Michael Wesch video series, posted as an introduction to our upcoming September issue on the anthropology student experience.

“Twitter and World Simulation” introduces viewers to a specific example of one course designed using the tools and pedagogical concepts discussed in Wesch’s previous videos. The World Simulation Project webpage describes the project as “a radical experiment in learning that is the centerpiece of the Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course at Kansas State University, created in a fit of frustration with the large lecture hall format which seems inevitable in a classroom of 200-400 students.” The project was designed to promote critical thinking among students, and to actively engage students in their own learning process. For an in-depth discussion of the project and the technologies it incorporates, see the final 20 minutes of “A Portal to Media Literacy.”

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