Monday, August 25, 2008

Anthropology of YouTube

Welcome to the final installment of this month’s four-part Michael Wesch video series, posted as an introduction to our upcoming September issue on the anthropology student experience.

Michael Wesch and the Kansas State University Digital Ethnography Working Group continue to explore opportunities to incorporate web 2.0 technologies as core components of anthropology courses. “Introducing our YouTube Ethnography Project” presents viewers with a quick snapshot of Wesch’s digital ethnography course, with more information and student videos available on their website. “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” documents Wesch’s June 23, 2008 presentation at the Library of Congress, prepared in collaboration with his digital ethnography students.

For further discussion of diverse anthropology student experiences and new educational opportunities in anthropology see the forthcoming September issue of Anthropology News. We also welcome you to submit your own comments on anthropology education today.

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