Friday, August 8, 2008

AN Call for Proposals: Housing

AN is seeking contributions for a thematic issue on housing to be published in Dec 2008. Potential topics include:

  • Mortgage lending
  • Homelessness
  • Community (re)development
  • Historic preservation
  • Housing policy
  • Sense of place, rootedness, locality
  • Public/private distinctions
  • Planned and gated communities
  • Vernacular architecture and aesthetics
  • Community organization, leadership and regulation
  • Archaeology of residential sites

Proposals in other areas related to housing are also welcome, as are proposals for various sections of the paper including In Focus commentaries, Teaching Strategies, Field Notes and photo essays. To participate in this thematic issue, email a 300 word proposal and 50-100 word author bio to Anthropology News editor Dinah Winnick. Proposals for photo essays should also include five high resolution photographs, each with a photo caption and credit. More more info see our website.

Proposal submission deadline: August 25, 2008

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