Monday, April 28, 2008

May Issue: Migration and Transnationality

May AN features two related In Focus commentary series on contemporary migration and immigration issues. "Migration Policy" considers what anthropology can contribute to the study of public policy affecting the movement, rights and well-being of migrants, immigrants and refugees. Authors address how international bodies, national governments and local communities manage population dynamics, including how notions of personhood are articulated in discourse regarding public domains of care and the provision of public services. In "Transnationality," contributors examine transnational spaces and subjectivities, how they are built, disputed, crossed, imagined and remembered, how people make use of them and are affected by them.

Series contributors include Ulla D Berg, Caroline B Brettell and Faith Nibbs, Heide Castañeda, Laura DeLuca, Liesl Gambold, Kate Goldade, Edmund T Hamann and Victor Zúñiga, Lily Harmon-Gross, Josiah McC Heyman, Fethi Keles, Erin Kenny, Carolina Kobelinsky, Jason Pribilsky, Rebecca Read, Madeleine Reeves and Greta Uehling.

Related articles in other sections of the May issue include David Haines's "Anthropology and Immigration in the Classroom" (Teaching Strategies) and Stephanie C Kane's "
The Poisoned Waters of Conceiçãozinha" (Knowledge Exchange).

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Special Issue on Children and Childhood

The April 2008 AN features two In Focus commentary series on Children and Childhood. "Transforming the Anthropology of Childhood" examines new ways of thinking about childhood and children's roles and experiences that move beyond the traditional limits of our discipline, and between subdisciplines. "Confronting Challenges in Research with Children" includes comments on the methodological challenges of anthropological work with and of children, and the opportunities and creative, productive approaches such challenges enable, focusing on both practical and ethical dilemmas.

Series contributors include Myra Bluebond-Langner, John Bock, Stacey Lynn Camp, Pamela Cushing, Marisa O Ensor, Suzanne Gaskins, Jill E Korbin, David F Lancy, Robert LeVine, Joylin Namie, David M Rosen, Patricia E Smith, Emily Vargas-Barón, Thomas Weisner and Rebecca Zarger. Additional articles on the theme of Children and Childhood appear throughout the issue, including Field Notes pieces by Flordeliz T Bugarin and Aviva Sinervo, and Academic Affairs articles by Miriam Forman-Brunell, Kelly Schrum and David Lancy.

What are your thoughts? Do you do research with children? What are challenges that you have encountered? Do you have recommendations for students or young researchers, or resources you would like to share?

Read In Focus series articles online at the AAA website.