Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Issue: Food Security

October AN features two In Focus commentary series examining food security, with PDFs of series articles available on the AAA website. Series include:

1. World Food Crisis: An overview of the current world food crisis, in addition to regional and national case analysis. Authors examine the causes and repercussions of food system instability and provide insight into national food self-sufficiency, climate change and crop production, resource depletion, overconsumption and shifts in traditional diets and food economies. Featuring: Solomon H Katz, Tom Marchione, Lois Stanford, Barrett P Brenton, Alice Brooke Wilson and Tom Philpott

2. Food Insecurity and HIV/AIDS: Contributors examine the co-occurring threats of HIV/AIDS, food insecurity and poverty at multiple levels--from the body’s immune response, to the household’s coping strategies, to the population’s struggle with inflation and rising food costs. Featuring: Merrill Singer, David A Himmelgreen, Nancy Romero-Daza, John Mazzeo and Lauren Classen.

For additional content in the area of food security, see our print issue, which will also be made available online soon, in its entirety, through AnthroSource.

The October issue also features a photo essay by Maximilian Viatori, with online photo gallery.

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