Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food Crisis Coverage in AN

In addition to In Focus commentaries on food security, Anthropology News is happy to feature additional articles on this topic in other sections of our October issue. We encourage you to read the following articles, available currently in your print AN and available online through AnthroSource in the coming weeks.

Knowledge Exchange feature: "In the Wake of Cyclone Nargis: Food Security, Information Flows and Foreign Aid" by Ingrid Jordt (pg 19)

Human Rights Forum: "Can a Right-to-Food Approach Help?" by Ellen Messer (pg 22-3)

Teaching Strategies: "Unwrapping Hunger in the Classroom: Teaching the Anthropology of Food and Food Policy" by Ellen Messer (pg 25)

Anthropology Works: "Food Security from a Practitioner Perspective" (pg 26)

SAFN column: "Task Force on World Food Problems" by Deborah Rubin and Rachel Black (pg 57-8).

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