Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New AN CFP: Military Veterans

Anthropology News seeks contributions for a thematic issue on veterans of military conflicts. We welcome proposals from all areas of anthropology; by anthropologists who study, work with or teach veterans; and by anthropologists who are veterans themselves, in the US or internationally. This topic includes not only veterans as traditionally conceived, but also other participants in situations of conflict, such as child soldiers, military contractors, peacekeepers and aid workers.

The below areas of research are meant to inspire and we welcome additional topics related to this general theme:

* Education and the new GI bill
* Post-trauma recovery
* Medical and psychological healthcare
* Substance use and abuse
* Gender and sexuality
* Family relationships
* (Un)employment
* Homelessness
* Suicide and thoughts of violence
* Commemoration and memorial sites
* Public engagement, activism and service
* Use of veterans in political discourse
* Public perceptions of veterans
* Veteran groups and social networks
* Veteran identities over time

We encourage proposals for In Focus commentaries, Teaching Strategies, Field Notes articles, photo essays, infographics, interviews and more. To participate, email a 300-word proposal and 50-100-word author bio to Anthropology News editor Dinah Winnick (dwinnick@aaanet.org). Proposals for photo essays should also include five high resolution photographs, each with a caption and credit. Selected authors will be asked to submit final articles of 1000-1400 words for commentaries and 300-1000 words for other article types.

Proposal submission deadline: January 21, 2009

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