Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Issue: Anthropology Education

September AN features three In Focus commentary series focusing on anthropology education, with PDFs of series articles available on the AAA website. Series include:

  1. Student Experiences: Commentaries on the variety of educational opportunities now available to anthropology students who seek interdisciplinary or applied training and experiences outside of the traditional. Featuring: Jennifer Cardew, Robert Chidester, Graça Índias Cordeiro, Alexandra Crampton, Jason E Miller and Puneet Chawla Sahota.
  2. Educational Partnerships: As anthropology students, educators and partner groups pursue university-community partnership initiatives, they increasingly recognize the benefits, risks and challenges these opportunities provide. Featuring: Brian J Burke, Ben McMahan, Gigi Owen, Jennifer Coffman, Marc K Hébert, Nila Ginger Hofman, Howard Rosing and Julia Offen
  3. Work-Life Balance: An ongoing series, introduced this month, that addresses the challenges of maintaining a comfortable work-life balance, as well as strategies developed to meet those challenges. Featuring: Gabriel Asselin, Christopher Dana Lynn. AN welcomes proposals for future articles on this topic.
The September issue also features a photo essay by Meg Gaillard, with online photo gallery, as well as additional content that will be available online soon through AnthroSource.

Read In Focus series articles online at the AAA website and share your comments here.

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