Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Special Issue on Children and Childhood

The April 2008 AN features two In Focus commentary series on Children and Childhood. "Transforming the Anthropology of Childhood" examines new ways of thinking about childhood and children's roles and experiences that move beyond the traditional limits of our discipline, and between subdisciplines. "Confronting Challenges in Research with Children" includes comments on the methodological challenges of anthropological work with and of children, and the opportunities and creative, productive approaches such challenges enable, focusing on both practical and ethical dilemmas.

Series contributors include Myra Bluebond-Langner, John Bock, Stacey Lynn Camp, Pamela Cushing, Marisa O Ensor, Suzanne Gaskins, Jill E Korbin, David F Lancy, Robert LeVine, Joylin Namie, David M Rosen, Patricia E Smith, Emily Vargas-BarĂ³n, Thomas Weisner and Rebecca Zarger. Additional articles on the theme of Children and Childhood appear throughout the issue, including Field Notes pieces by Flordeliz T Bugarin and Aviva Sinervo, and Academic Affairs articles by Miriam Forman-Brunell, Kelly Schrum and David Lancy.

What are your thoughts? Do you do research with children? What are challenges that you have encountered? Do you have recommendations for students or young researchers, or resources you would like to share?

Read In Focus series articles online at the AAA website.


Sybil Amber said...

Each month, I wait for my copy of AN impatiently!

In Focus: Reflections on Anthropology News said...

On April 4, antropologi.info included a post detailing this AN series and featuring the website Anthropology of Childhood, which "grew out of collaborative efforts at Utah State University between David Lancy...and past and present students in his anthropology of childhood class." The blog also links to previous posts relating to the anthropology of children and childhood.

In Focus: Reflections on Anthropology News said...

On April 12, the collaborative blog Neuroanthropology included a post featuring the Children and Childhood issue of AN.